Our Mission

Georgia Mountain Storytelling Festival, Inc. is organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code, and, more specifically, to provide meaningful opportunities for an underserved audience to engage with the voices of Appalachia through hearing stories and attending workshops that will enable them to develop a cultural intelligence through the arts of listening and speaking.

The Annual Festival

The Georgia Mountain Storytelling Festival showcases the art of Southern storytelling with an emphasis on Appalachian stories, both traditional and contemporary. Festival events include two days of outstanding storytelling performances; workshops for students and visitors to learn storytelling, speaking, and performance skills such as how to connect with audiences through humor and how to find your own voice as a speaker; special programming for young children; a display of quilts by local quilters to showcase the stories shared in this art form; and much more. Visitors will not only learn about the tradition and history of our region through storytelling, but will also have the opportunity to become part of its preservation. Each year, the festival brings five nationally known, award-winning storytellers to north Georgia.

We are committed to making this festival available to everyone who wishes to attend. Tickets are free to everyone 18 and under and discounted for senior citizens. Other discounts are available too, and regularly-priced tickets are no more than $20/day.


As we grow, we are expanding our community outreach programs to serve a variety of groups who can benefit from the healing nature of storytelling. In 2018, we will offer a free workshop for military veterans.

What people are saying about the

Georgia Mountain Storytelling Festival

“This is amazing and one of the most rewarding experiences of my life so far. I hope this happens every year!” —student participant

“I’ve been thinking about how much your volunteers have worked to incorporate storytelling (and the storytelling festival!) into an informative multi-ethnic educational environment with a community outreach/storytelling-for-children component; And I’m also tickled to my toenails to be one of your past festival storytellers. I’d do it again anytime!” —Lyn Ford, past featured teller and educator

“Being from outside the States, I learned a lot of Appalachian culture and traditions thanks to this festival.” — student participant

“I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of your volunteers and the story listeners. People were open to all kinds of story; that was lovely. I also loved that you had breaks for people by offering other types of performances, i.e., music, historic character presentations, workshops, and puppetry. That is exceptional and unique for the Storytelling Festivals I have attended. Also, I loved the intimacy with the audience; good conversations abounded.”
-– Sheila Arnold Jones, past featured teller and educator

“This kind of culture sharing needs to continue.” —student participant

“The talent was incredible! The storytellers and musicians I saw were engaged with the audience and I loved the pieces they shared, pieces of personal information, like a connection to an instrument, an artist, or another storyteller. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have shared another festival. Thank you!” -–community member

“Being at this event for one day felt like a week’s vacation, I was so refreshed and renewed afterwards! Thank you!!” —visitor from out of state

“My group of 4 loved the event. Everything was wonderful from the moment we stepped on the shuttle to the very end. We attended only one workshop but found it to be an entertaining and educational experience. Although I hope you continue to grow, there is something very special about being able to approach the performers and to even be able to sit down and chat with them. It’s a remarkable experience, and I have recommended the festival to several other people and will continue.” –-festival visitor

“This kind of culture sharing needs to continue.” -–festival visitor

“This was a storytelling festival at its finest. The stories and story songs were authentic, moving, and beautifully told. They touched the audience in a deep way. And even though the audience came from different political, religious, and ethnic backgrounds, they were magically united during the festival due to the incredible power of story.” —Geraldine Buckley, past featured teller and educator

”Overall, I’d give it an A+. Well done!” —teacher